Transport and Logistics Safety Solutions Bundle

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The cost of repairs is only one part to the total cost. Downtime and lost customer trust will have a far greater impact on your business.

Vehicle logistics safety solutions

The Risk

  • Small faults becoming high cost breakdowns.
  • Reduced fleet.
  • Lower customer satisfaction.
The Solution
  • Faults quickly identified.
  • Management and maintenance teams instantly notified.
  • Create maintenance requested directly from the daily checklists.
  • Increase fleet availability.
  • Lower operating costs.
  • Higher customer satisfaction.
  • Checklists for all equipment, including trucks, forklifts, cranes etc

See how easy our checklist is to use

Daily Checklists for all your Transport and Logistics Equipment

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Staying on top of your vehicles maintenance not only reduces the chance of breakdowns, but keeps your drivers and others safe. With our Logistics Safety Solutions, vehicle operators can follow an easy to follow checklist, ensuring maintenance responsibilities never fall behind. 

With your own custom checklist, small issues are quickly identified, before they turn into big issues. Being on the front foot with maintenance and safety reduces expensive failures and keeps vehicles on the road and making money. By following our Logistics Safety Solutions you remain on the front foot at all times, instead of reacting to issues that could easily be prevented. 

In fact, by implementing one of our Logistics Safety Solutions, the entire process from warehouse to delivery, is monitored, right down to packing and driving.

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