Our proven 5 steps delivering results onetime and on budget

Not Sure Where to Start

Assessing where are your at and developing a gap analysis is the first step in your business improvement journey. By taking our Free Workplace Risk Assessment, you will quickly learn where the dangers are in your business. This free self assessment really is your first step to developing your own risk plan.

Feel free to get in touch, we can provide you with some value free insights.  

Our proven strategic 5 steps to create a robust risk plan to lower costs, reduce business risk and improve workplace safety and culture

So what are the 5 key points to assess risk in the workplace?

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Step 1: Assess

  • First up, this is our initial phone call to understand where you are at.
  • Information can be provided for the initial our initial discussions to assist with determine the best pathway forward.

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Step 2: Gap Analysis

  • The second stage of this workplace risk assessment process, is the step where we visit on site or conduct a desktop review. Here we learn what exists and what you’d like to establish within your business.

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Step 3: Road Map

  • Once we understand your needs, and review what in happening in your business, we will prepare a road map.
  • The roadmap is a simple plan of how you can start to address the gaps. With a Workplace Risk Assessment, you can then work on addressing the gaps yourself, hire us, or we can continue to work through action plan together.

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Step 4: Consolidating

  • After a Workplace Risk Assessment, we implement the systems, processes and visual dashboards.
  • Because of this, trends start to emerge where these risk assessment tools identify opportunities and risks.

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Step 5: Continuous Improvements

  • Monitor, review and reassess to drive business performance, reduce costs as well as streamline your business processes along the way.
  • So this is a game changer on culture and being a business that is proactive instead of reactive.
  • When you build to this level, the conversations with the Safety Inspectors is a one of trust and respect as you keep your business practise.
  • Now you are a real professional business that works towards optimum performance.

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