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Get More Than Just A Chemical List

Chemical Management simplified, creating safer workplaces and reducing business risk. Want to learn more about chemical management ?

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Are you frustrated with not having up to date information at your fingertips to lower your business running costs and reduce risk?

We specialise in custom software solutions that will improve your business. No wasting your time building templates, we deliver custom built & cloud based safety management system at an affordable price.

Software SOLUTIONS for all industries


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Take control and implement modules at a pace that suits you and your budget

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Streamlining the business, consider safety, checklists, inductions & training
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Getting Certified or on the preferred supplier list Onesystem makes it easy

buisness safety software
Approved Supplier

A simplified approach to ensure certification and approved supplier list. 


The Benefits of Onesystem Integrated business solutions

Safe & Efficient Operations

Easy to use business tools to report, assess and share information.

Reduced Business Risk

Risks identified, action, monitor and review plans in place with your safety management system

Complete Visibility

Develop trends, gaps and opportunities to help accelerate business growth with Onesystem solutions.

Why Onesystem?

Onesystem empowers you to do what you do best, run your business

We are trusted business system experts that deliver simple to use custom solutions. Our Safety Management System  is especially designed to improve your business as well as bottom line, delivering on time and on budget

Its a Partnership

We have invested to reduce your upfront and ongoing costs

No Lock in Contract Options

More options to suit your budget

Custom to your Business

A Safety Management System specifically built for your business

Onesystem support all the way

Around Since 2013

Reduced Frustration

Safety management system components so easy to use

Reduced Operating Costs

Truly Informative Dashboards

We manage the systems

Ultimately You Run Your Business

Local Knowledge

We too have worked in, managed and own businesses

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Smart Solutions To Grow Your Business

We Provide Custom Software Solutions To Keep Your Business Complaint, Efficient and Reduce Business Risk.

Control Your Risks

In short, controlling business and your personal risks can be daunting and become overwhelming.


Implementation of safety management system is easy to use. Software solutions enables and encourages people to report safety related issues.

People Management

People are the most important part to your business. Therefore providing the right tools, structure, leadership and business platform makes you an Employer of choice rather than just an employer.


Controlling cost and creating preferred suppliers consequently drives business improvement.

Asset Management

A Broken down plant reduces your customers confidence and costs you more than the repair cost.

Rope Access, Harnesses

Above all, never send a person to site with our of service and non compliant equipment again.

Chains, Slings, Lifting Gear

Creating safer workplaces by identifying tacking your lifting equipment and ensuring inspections are conducted within your specified timelines. Further reducing business costs, creating a register of all your equipment, options include allocating equipment to projects OR people.


Chemical Management Software Chemtek is our Chemical Management solution. Above all it empowers people with key information safety data sheets (SDS) are readily available with Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) information. In turn this tracks SDS expiry dates, create storage locations so as to conduct risk assessments. Finally collect the data once and share information across multiple business divisions.

The benefits of best practice and an informed workforce, will outweigh any average performing business, time and time again.

So best practice is more than just a good thing to do. It’s critical!

Improving staff moral improves employee retention and as a result, so is the bottom line. But it’s all down to Smart, informative, business specific solutions. Again, your business will run smoother, when you identify the small things, before they have a chance to do any damage. Be on the front foot! In turn, you create an environment where your business and your client relationships can flourish.

Notably, legislation clearly states your obligations, referring to them as ‘Best Practices’. The Best Practice model is how we should be managing health and safety at work.

But despite your best intentions, it’s easy to get distracted by day to day deadlines, finances and personal events. All of a sudden though, it is when we are distracted, that we become exposed to those financial, health and safety risks.

As can be seen, interruptions and distractions, inevitably lead to your business becoming non-compliant. Non-compliance is the slippery slope that leads to Workplace Injury, poor staff moral, loss of productivity and the list goes on. Hence, the solution is a Safety Management System designed specifically for you.

Onesystem’s Business Management Solution

What is a Business safety management system? Onesystem plans, takes a strategic approach to realign your objectives and values. These strategies empower you to evaluate risk and identify opportunities, thus improving you overall business. We specifically develop Gap Analysis and Action Plan modules to suit your unique business needs. Equally, a carefully designed implementation plan is created, which provides a realistic schedule you can commit to and achieve easily. We will of course assign you a team member from Onesystem, to help with the transition. Your Coordinator will be with you to streamline the process, answer any questions and offer advice throughout the process.

In essence, the Onesystem rollout is all about you. Key personnel receive the right training, while we develop the appropriate support plans. Our software provides all the elements of a Safety Management System. It includes interactive dashboards for you to monitor performance and optimise your investment.


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