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Inform, Update, smarter solutions

What do you really need to isolate, Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) is a common question i hear when speaking to staff, maintenance teams, plant operators and safety teams.

Remote starting plant and equipment, time restraints,  integrated / updated plants, changing workforces and  training or lack of can create uncertainty and at times influences our decision making process to get the job done.

The risks of injury and impact on the business is increased when the recent plant upgrade is not updated in felid documentation and the incorrect OR not all the plant and energy is isolated.

Our LOTO module is a central point of update and  communicating across the business new protocols, changes to plant and equipment.  Personal, plant and quality risks are minimised with this systematic approach to inform people.

All our modules are custom to your business. 

Scan or click, take at this module. 

Give us a call, our integration team get the system up and running. Apply to sections or the complete site.

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