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Industries Onesystem Services:

Agriculture safety


With the inherent risks of heavy machinery, chemicals, and outdoor environments, agriculture relies on safety software to ensure the health and wellbeing of workers while mitigating hazards such as equipment accidents and exposure to harmful substances. Explore our agricultural safety solutions for comprehensive risk management and worker protection in the agriculture industry.

Aged Care and Disability Safety

Aged-care and disability

Safety software is essential in aged-care and disability settings to uphold stringent quality standards, manage the unique risks associated with caring for vulnerable populations, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for both staff and residents' safety.


In the cleaning industry, safety software is indispensable for managing chemical handling protocols, implementing health and safety guidelines, and tracking incidents to prevent accidents and injuries among cleaning staff in diverse work environments.

Construction safety software


Safety software is critical in construction for overseeing site safety, managing contractor compliance, and mitigating risks associated with working at height, heavy machinery operation, and hazardous materials to ensure a secure work environment for all workers.

council safety


Councils rely on safety software to uphold safety standards across various municipal operations, manage incident reporting, and ensure compliance with regulations, addressing diverse risks such as public safety concerns, chemical handling, and contractor management.


In healthcare, safety software plays a crucial role in maintaining patient safety, managing hazardous materials, and ensuring staff compliance with rigorous safety protocols, thus safeguarding both patient well-being and regulatory compliance in dynamic healthcare environments.


Safety software is indispensable in educational settings to manage risks associated with student and staff safety, chemical handling, and contractor operations, facilitating efficient incident management and compliance with safety regulations to maintain a secure learning environment.

Logistics and Warehousing:

Safety software is vital in logistics and warehousing for managing safety protocols in transportation and storage, mitigating risks associated with handling hazardous materials, and ensuring compliance with chain of responsibility regulations to uphold worker safety and regulatory standards.


With the inherent risks of operating heavy machinery, handling chemicals, and managing complex production processes, manufacturing relies on safety software to uphold worker safety, track incidents, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards to prevent accidents and maintain operational efficiency.


In the mining industry, safety software is essential for managing mine safety, tracking equipment maintenance, and overseeing contractor operations, addressing risks associated with mining activities, such as cave-ins, chemical exposure, and heavy machinery accidents.

Retail and hospitality

Safety software is critical in retail and hospitality for managing hazards in customer service, handling hazardous materials, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations to prevent accidents and maintain a safe environment for both employees and customers.


Utilities rely on safety software to manage risks associated with operating critical infrastructure, overseeing contractor operations, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations to prevent accidents and maintain reliable service delivery in dynamic utility environments.

documentation aged care
aged care safety
disability care safety

OneSystem, a comprehensive safety management solution, integrates seamlessly into safety systems, enhancing their efficiency and impact. By centralizing incident tracking, automating compliance management, and facilitating real-time communication, OneSystem becomes an indispensable tool in creating a proactive safety culture. Its customization features align with diverse industry operations, providing organizations with a tailored approach to safety management. Through robust data analytics and reporting, OneSystem empowers organizations to continually refine their safety protocols, contributing to a safer work environment and reinforcing the importance of well-being in industries like manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and beyond.


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