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5 Features to Boost Construction Safety

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Incident Reporting and Analysis


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Training and Certification Tracking

Unveiling Australia's Construction Safety Landscape

Construction in Australia is a vital sector, but it’s not without its risks. With a vibrant industry comes the responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of workers. According to data from Safe Work Australia, the construction industry consistently ranks among the highest for work-related fatalities and injuries. In 2021 alone, there were 36 fatalities in the construction sector, that means a fatality rate of 3.1 per 100,000 workers. These statistics underscore the urgency of addressing safety concerns within the Australian construction landscape.

The construction industry makes up 13% of serious claims from 2019-2020. One of the primary safety concerns in Australian construction is the risk of falls from heights. Falls represent a significant proportion of construction-related fatalities. Additionally, incidents involving machinery and equipment pose significant risks to construction workers, highlighting the importance of robust safety protocols and training.

Furthermore, the dynamic nature of construction sites introduces complexities in managing contractor safety. Contractors often work across multiple sites, increasing the challenges associated with ensuring consistent adherence to safety standards and procedure

Contractor Management

Certification Management

Empowering Construction Safety with OneSystem

safety goals

Helping You Hit Your Safety Goals

OneSystem is at the forefront of revolutionizing safety in construction. With our innovative safety software solutions, we address the specific safety concerns faced by the Australian construction industry, empowering companies to prioritize safety without compromising productivity.

By centralizing incident reporting and analysis, OneSystem enables construction teams to identify trends, analyze root causes, and implement preventive measures effectively. Our contractor management feature streamlines the process of prequalification and training tracking, ensuring that all contractors meet safety requirements before stepping foot on the site.

Moreover, our risk assessment and mitigation tools provide construction companies with the insights they need to proactively identify and address hazards, minimizing the likelihood of incidents and injuries. With OneSystem’s compliance monitoring feature, staying abreast of regulatory requirements has never been easier, helping construction sites maintain a culture of safety excellence.

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Dynamic Incident Reporting: Real-Time Insights for Safer Sites

Our dynamic incident reporting feature allows construction teams to capture and analyze safety incidents in real-time, enabling swift intervention and continuous improvement. By streamlining incident management processes, OneSystem ensures that safety remains a top priority on every construction site.

Contractor Safety Portal: Ensuring Compliance Across the Board

OneSystem’s contractor safety portal provides a centralized platform for managing contractor safety requirements, from prequalification to performance evaluation. By facilitating clear communication and accountability, this feature promotes a culture of safety collaboration between contractors and construction companies.

Contractor management
Safety analytics

Risk Analytics: Anticipating Hazards Before They Occur

With OneSystem’s risk analytics, construction teams can identify potential hazards and prioritize preventive measures, minimizing the likelihood of incidents and injuries. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights, OneSystem empowers companies to stay one step ahead of safety risks on their construction sites.

Mobile Safety Checklists: Safety in the Palm of Your Hand

Onesystems software is compatible on mobile, tablet or computer devices. this makes your forms, checklists and safety data sheets accessible in site, in the car or in the office. Our mobile safety checklists feature allows workers to access safety protocols and complete inspections directly from their mobile devices, ensuring that safety remains a priority, whether on-site or on the go. By empowering frontline workers with the tools they need to stay safe, OneSystem enhances overall safety culture and compliance.

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